About the Irish Maritime Development Office (IMDO)

The Irish Maritime Development Office (IMDO) is Ireland’s national dedicated development, promotional and marketing agency for the shipping services sector. The office has been established for over 9 years and is part of the Marine Institute which is a state agency responsible for researching the potential of Ireland’s vast marine resources. The Irish Maritime Development Office operates under the auspices of the Irish Department Of Transport and is charged with the responsibility for undertaking the following activities through its statutory remit:

To promote and assist the development of Irish shipping and Irish shipping services and seafarer training.
To liaise with, support and market the shipping and shipping services sector.
To advise the Minister on the development and co-ordination of policy in the shipping and shipping services sector so as to protect and create employment. Contact us on verification@irish-imdo.com for general enquiries
Contact us on business@irish-imdo.com for information on Ireland’s Maritime Cluster